Marion Cotillard by Alex Prager.

“We are afraid to care too much, for fear that the other person does not care at all.”

- Eleanor Roosevelt (via words-and-coffee)

Carter: I’ve been dying for one of these.
Shaw: You can borrow it any time.
Carter: It’s pretty.
Morgan: A little gift from John.
Lady Killer, 3x03


Cate Blanchett for IWC Schaffhausen “Timeless Portofino” - 2014

New photos by Peter Lindbergh here

One time she left me a voice mail where she said “I have to keep speaking now because I’m doing the dishes and my hands have all this soap on them and the phone is between my cheek and my shoulders, so I’m just going to talk to you until I can get the soap off…” It was extremely funny. She’s just a character.  - director James Gray

Happy Birthday, Marion Cotillard (30 September, 1975)


i am just very uncomfortable with the way i am perceived like there’s a disconnect between my actual identity and the identity ppl assume i have and it makes me uncomfortable and stressed out


Alejandro González Iñárritu on the set of Birdman.

Inherent Vice Trailer (dir: Paul Thomas Anderson)

Inherent Vice (2014)



Once you accept that we’re all imperfect, it’s the most liberating thing in the world.Then you can go around making mistakes and saying the wrong thing and tripping over on the street and all that and not feel worried.


St. Vincent just sang the national anthem! What a special Marfa moment!! #texasplayboysbaseball #transpecos2014